Our Story

Visual Mood was founded in 2016 in Toronto, by a deep understanding of a shared "need" among women. This need encompasses the desire to feel both stylish and comfortable, with particular attention to swimwear and activewear. Our women-led brand was born in the vibrant metropolis of Toronto, drawing inspiration and artistic vision from the enchanting landscapes of Southeast Asia.

Our head designer Lori Zhao, who was born in China, and moved to Toronto after a long journey from exploring both east and west of the world. She founded Visual Mood in Toronto and takes her inspiration from both the beautiful oriental East and the dynamic yet chic West. Inspired by the captivating allure of the Oriental East and the sophisticated Western styles, our brand resonates with customers who appreciate our captivating prints, sustainable materials, and reversible clothing. Our ultimate goal is to empower customers to feel confident and happy. We'll continue to innovate with unique statement pieces, exquisite prints, and luxurious designs, catering to our customers' needs and pushing boundaries.

We love hearing from our community! Your feedback, compliments, and heartwarming messages mean the world to us. It's your unwavering support that has driven our success. The entire Visual Mood Team extends heartfelt gratitude to our global customers for their ongoing support and appreciation. We're dedicated to innovation and creating extraordinary experiences for you. Share your favorite Visual Mood story with us at content@visualmood.com. We can't wait to hear from you!