Vintage Swimsuits And Their Eternal Charm

Vintage swimsuits have made a return into women’s beachwear and here’s all the information you need to know about them

Fashion is an art and both old and modern generations are drawn towards it. From gorgeous hand bags, shoes and coats to dresses, shirts and swimsuits, true fashion enthusiasts want their wardrobe to be better than the rest. A very prominent segment of fashion is centered around the “vintage style” and here we will explore why vintage swimsuits are still the popular rage amongst women of all ages and eras.

The concept of Vintage swimsuits is beyond prints and colors

To be vintage is to embrace the old world’s charm. The essence of vintage is a part of every clothing that reflects style and character. Prints and colors do determine the style of any swimsuit but what goes into the final product is what makes vintage swimsuits so appealing to women today. As said, the concept of vintage swimsuits is beyond prints and colors. The premium quality fabric of reversible quality in addition to the eccentric designs including some chic modern options on one side and the old school vintage prints on the other is an eternally charming essence of old fashioned vintage swimsuits infused with the modern day fashion trends. 

A girl in our vintage style Clara Bikini set

(The Vintage Style Clara Reversible High Waist Bikini Set)


Trending vintage swimwear- bikinis and one piece swimsuits

It is no secret that like other fashion lines one piece swimsuits and bikinis are also diverting into the vintage prints and designs. Women are embracing the vibrant colors and exotic patterns back. Most of the most popular swimsuits today are designed to be reversible yet equally appealing on both sides, hence a financially and logistically ideal purchase in addition to being so visually enticing.

A Girl in our Vintage Style Kristina Bikini Set

(The Vintage Style Kristina Reversible Bikini Set)

Influencer Insight

Let’s uncover the charm of vintage swimsuits with one of our beloved influencer partners, Christine Tran who shares her expert insight on vintage designs and Visual Mood swimsuits. 
What is your idea of vintage style? How do you perceive that with swimsuits?
Vintage to me are styles that remind me of clothing from the past. Muted colors and specific designs also remind me of vintage styles.
How did you find the VM swimsuit? In terms of both design and fitting?
I absolutely love my VM swimsuits! The style is very versatile and fits me perfectly. I absolutely love the shoulder ties, the colors, and the overall design. The fit is true to size and fits great!
Why would you recommend our brand to your community? How do you feel we align with your style?
I have already been recommending VM to my community, I love that the style can be worn in so many ways, it's reversible, the quality is amazing and it aligns with my style. I love how elegant it can look but also can look fun and girly.
Any swimsuit styling tips for our readers?
I like to mix and match my swimsuits that way you get multiple looks out of a swimsuit. VM is great because they have reversible swimsuits and other pieces to mix and match such as skirts and hair accessories. I always love accessorizing and have plenty of hair ties, I love that VM also thought about this and has matching hair accessories too.

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