How To Style High Waisted Workout Pants Anywhere

The comfort and fashion of high waisted workout pants isn’t a new concept and styling them outside the gym can be real fun 

Gym attire is famously known for giving women a flattering and comfortable look that compliments their body in a great manner. In recent years, highly sought after designer brands have also introduced their athleisure wear collections for both women and men as they have  become a universal favorite. Styling your most comfortable and flattering high waisted workout pants or yoga wear might sound a little overwhelming but if done through certain tricks and tactics, it can become an indispensable segment of your day to day fashion and even on special occasions. 

The ultimate weather companion

Have you ever noticed how your high waisted workout pants or yoga leggings acclimatize to the weather around you? It is because the material used in those leggings and pants is fabricated to give you comfort, not just with the fitting but with the temperature as well. These leggings are the ultimate solution for women who want to wear clothes that acclimatize according to their body and external temperature. Brands that use the most comfortable, elite and weather supportive material to manufacture their high waisted workout and yoga pants not only give their customers the ultimate comfort but an opportunity to flaunt their yoga pants outside the studio, while running errands, going out or traveling.

A yogi in our Maya yoga bra and Kiana leggings

(Maya High-Neck Yoga Bra and Kiana High-Waist Yoga Pants)

Workout and Yoga sets for fun 

Let’s reiterate the aforementioned fact but in a different scope of fashion. Gone are the days when plain workout or yoga clothes were bought and worn by everyone. As fashion evolves, all aspects of clothing evolve with it. Today, a number of athleisure wear brands are designing yoga bras and pants that are made keeping both modern and vintage aesthetics in consideration. The exotic material and artistically curated yoga tops out of them can most certainly be styled as crop tops or accessorized with your primary outfit. These yoga bras can be paired with different styles of high waisted pants and skirts. However some women still incline towards monochrome designs when it comes to choosing their workout or yoga wear, fortunately there are brands that cater to that demographic as well.

A yogi in our Sarah yoga bra and Lena pants

Pants that can go both casual and formal

The post pandemic world has had a great influence over today’s fashion and a noticeable shift in how audiences make their attire choices now is being witnessed. Women who used to wear heels five days a week are now flamboyantly going to work in their expensive sneakers, quite often paired with their high waisted workout pants and rightfully so. These pants come in different variations, including high rises, seamless, straight leg and many more. Paired with the right shirt or sweater and jacket in the fall and winter, these pants can literally be a woman’s favorite and most comforting piece of clothing to wear all year round. After all, fashion is the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort.

Influencer Insight

We collaborated with Katie Kramer, a part of our beloved influencer community who styled our Visual Mood yoga bra and pants in her uniquely refreshing aesthetic. Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation with Katie. 

What was your first thought after trying the VM yoga set?

I was very excited to wear it because of the beautiful design on it and it was very supportive.

How was the fabric? Would you prefer the stitching and design in any other way?

The fabric is excellent quality and very durable, it still holds up well even after all the activities I’ve worn it for!

Would you recommend this product to your community?

I am very passionate about recommending Visual Mood swimsuits and activewear because it is such high quality and so elegant.

(Katie wearing our Florence U-Shape Yoga bra and Chloe High Waist Yoga Pants)

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