Best Vacation Swimsuits Ideas For A Tropical Vacation

The idea of tropical vacations is ever so refreshing and delightful, let’s discover the best vacation swimsuits options that you can take for your next tropical beach vacay

It's a beach day somewhere, all the time! Planning a tropical vacation is one of the most exhilarating activities involving a string of activities from finalizing the best destination to shopping and packing enough beach and party attire. Sometimes it can get a bit too overwhelming, which is absolutely normal. Assorting your best vacation swimsuits is not as complicated as it seems. With a vision and some ideas, we can add some more sun to your next tropical vacation. 

All fun and play with Friends and Family

Beach vacations tend to differ from company to company that goes with you. With your friends, you tend to be more carefree and in the mood to have fun, often accompanied by some adventurous activities. Swimsuit brands today have numerous collections with vibrant colors and playful prints that not only give you the comfort and freedom to participate in all physical activities but has an impeccable style that will have people on your social media inquire about those swimsuits. You can consider choosing a playful high waisted bikini or a reversible swimsuit that will give you the comfort and style you want, in one swimsuit or bikini.

Two girls wearing our Kristina one piece and bikini set

Kristina Reversible Tie-Shoulder One Piece

A romantic getaway with your special one

Nothing beats the thrill of a romantic tropical vacation with your partner! With the excitement, fun, romance and so much more comes the pressure of finding bikinis and swimsuits that compliment your fashion and style in the best way possible. Afterall, you want to look and feel your best. One of our top picks for the best vacation swimsuits with your special one is a low or high waisted bikini with elegant and sensual prints that really bring the beauty from inside of you. On your romantic getaway, you can also carry some beach accessories like cover-ups, hats or sunglasses to match with your swimsuit. They say it's the best feeling of being loved and feeling loved from inside too. 

Two girls wearing our Clara one piece and bikinis

Clara Reversible Low Waist Bikini Set 

Beach Accessories

In addition to buying swimsuits and dresses, your tropical vacation swimwear is incomplete without equally classy and utilitarian beach accessories. To build on to the aforementioned fact, while planning a tropical vacation, you should also consider curating accessories that can enhance your swimsuits to the next level. From vibrant and lively printed beach towels to vintage style neckerchiefs, your beach accessories deserve a special mention in your travel packing. 

Influencer Insight 

Here’s a peek into the conversation about tropical vacation swimwear ideas with one of our Visual Mood influencers, Shay J, who is a travel and lifestyle influencer creating amazing content for her community. 

What is your ideal tropical vacation outfit?

My tropical vacation outfit is a swimsuit, shorts, and a nice cover up. (Like a white button down or dress) 

How did the Visual Mood swimsuit fit into your vacation wardrobe?

It fits right in because it was easy to style with some shorts or dresses that I wear. I’ve worn the one piece with just shorts on my trips and used the swimsuit as a top.

What are your thoughts on the reversible nature of our swimsuits?

I think it’s a really great idea and very useful, especially for trips where people are just traveling with a carry on. Since it’s reversible people would be able to bring less swimsuits which is good since you need all the space you can get in a carry on.

Any tropical vacation tips for our readers?

If you’re going on a tropical vacation, make sure you plan it for a time when it’s not a stormy season as the ocean can be rough.  Also, my favorite thing  to bring on a tropical vacation besides my swimwear is water shoes and goggles. I always want to be prepared to have a nice swim!

Shay enjoying her vacation in the Visual Mood Violet Reversible One Piece

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