All You Need To Know About Curvy Women Swimsuits

Know the curvy women swimsuits in their true sense and how you can choose the perfect one to flaunt your beautiful body in 

For the longest time, swimsuits belonged to a limited inclusive category of clothing, catering majorly to smaller or medium sized individuals. However in recent times, fortunately a lot of clothing and swimwear brands have been introducing swimsuits, one pieces and bikinis that can be worn by curvy or large sized individuals. This is a great step towards creating a more inclusive and comfortable fashion ecosystem where women from all walks of life can express and enjoy themselves. 

In this blog, we talk about curvy women swimsuits, one pieces and bikinis and  trending designs around them, accessories and how to choose the perfect swimsuit for your beautiful body type.

Flaunting them curves 

Every woman has her own individual sense and comfort with fashion. Self consciousness and body insecurities are a very real part of our lives and as a part of the fashion community, we must do everything in our capacity to address and make the environment as accepting as possible. Bikinis are arguably one of the leading clothing items that women are conscious about and as fashion designers and brands, we need to address these thoughts and sentiments. Women who wanted to create something comfortable yet classy and chic want swimsuits that flatter their body in addition to allowing them to express themselves.  

Curvy girls wearing our swimsuits in the beach

(Three friends enjoying a sunny beach day in the Visual Mood collection)

Surf with the skirt- the best cover-up options

Let’s be realistic, women of all shapes and sizes need some comfortable yet stylish swimsuit coverups and instead of opting for a classic sarong or pareo, curvy women can opt for skorts to cover their lower body and maxi skirts for an overall yet sexy coverage. Skorts and midi skirts offer the perfect blend of comfort and beauty in one piece. Along curvy women swimsuits, some brands also offer a diverse range of skorts, pleated, wrap-tie and shirred. These cover-up options should always be a part of your swimwear or vacation wardrobe as they come handy unexpectedly at times. 

Clara convertible dress/skirt

(Visual Mood Clara Convertible Maxi Skirt)


How to pick the perfect swimsuit for your curves

The post pandemic times have altered retail buying and selling trends, with most businesses operating online and customers wanting to order from the comfort of their homes. Buying a swimsuit, especially for a curvy body can sometimes be tricky since a lot of women prefer trying the piece before making the final purchase. But don’t worry, we have researched and consulted with our fashion experts to summarize for you, the perfect guide to choose a one piece or bikini for your curvy body type: 

  • Measure to get rid of the pressure: YES! Do not feel the pressure of ordering a swimsuit before making a well researched and informed decision but all of that is ascended by knowing your correct measurements. Use a measuring tape and have someone note down your hip, bust and waist sizes. 
  • Try your existing swimsuits: Before buying a new swimsuit, try your current or most recently purchased ones. This will give you a good idea of what size and shape fits you the best. When trying a new swimsuit type, go to the brand’s website and tally the measurements with the ones you already own. This will give you a fair idea of how well your new swimsuit will fit you. 
  • Head to the swimsuit brand's website to find your perfect swimsuit match: Once you have your measurements and an idea of the fitting, head to the brand's retail website and explore the vibrant variety of colors and styles to flatter your curves. From reversible one pieces, to reversible high waist bikinis, brands now have a diverse catalog of curvy women swimsuits that you can choose from. 


Influencer Insight  

We had a chit-chat with one of our amazing mommy lifestyle bloggers, Alyssa Cherise who shares her experience and comfort with our Visual Mood (Violet Reversible One Piece Swimsuit). We asked her a series of questions about the quality, fit and feel of our swimsuits. 

How did you find the Visual Mood swim suit in terms of quality and design?

I love both! The quality is amazing. You can feel it’s thick enough, not see through, and so soft. I love that they are reversible and that the design is so feminine mixed with the soft colors - it’s perfect!

How did you like the fit of the swimsuit?

The fit was great! It hugs in all the right places and doesn’t cut funny anywhere. I feel the most confident in my visual mood swimsuit!

Would you recommend this to other ladies? If yes, could you share your top 3 reasons?

Absolutely - the swimsuits are gorgeous. I get compliments every time I wear mine. They fit perfectly and don’t ride up which is important when chasing around a toddler. I love the big bow ties on the shoulders, the vintage look, and the colors!

Any swimsuit styling tips for women struggling to style their swimsuits?

Mix it up! Pair it with something that doesn’t make sense. Wear a tulle skirt or distressed boyfriend jeans. These swimsuits are so pretty you could wear them to the beach and then out after.

(Alyssa styling our Visual Mood Violet reversible one piece with the Violet skort)


Embracing your body along with its perfections and imperfections both is a process. At Visual Mood, we took inspiration from women who wanted to express themselves but also feel absolutely comfortable while doing so. Our collection of curvy women swimsuits includes both one piece swimsuits and high waist bikinis designed to offer both style and comfort to women.

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